Facial Cleansing Powder
15gr. A truly all natural cleanser for daily use. It is made from a blend of beneficial flowers and oats. When mixed with water it forms a cleansing paste that works gently to exfoliate and nourish your skin. Ingredients: oats (avena sativa), calendula (calendula officinalis), lavender lavendula angustifolia), chamomile (matricari chamomilla).
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(Eczema) E-Cream
2 oz. Ingredients: olive oil, almond oil, calendula, comfrey, chickweed, water, beeswax, and essential oils of tea tree and lavender, lecithin, borax and citric acid
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Mullein Leaf Extract
60ml. Mullein Leaf Extract.
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Stinging Nettle Root Extr...
30ml. Stinging Nettle Root Extract.
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St. Johns Wort Extract
30ml. St. Johns Wort is very well known for its mood balancing properties. it is a natural anti-depressant and sleep aid. This herb is also very good at calming the digestive tract.
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Superior Lip Rub
Chapped lips are no fun. Here's a lip balm that not only fills in those chapped lips, but also nourishes them so they're more likely to stay moisturized in the future. This is the lip balm for you!
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Happy Skin
Happy skin is an all around ointment for treating dry skin, itches, rashes, bruises, sore muscles, burns and sunburns.
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Phytoplankton Supplement
Cellalife- 30 capsules, 150mg. More info at www.cellalife.com
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Therapeutic Root Balm
TRB includes organic coconut oil, beeswax, Cannabis root, organic sunflower lecithin Vitamin E, and love - for your health. Great for pains of all types and healing for dry skin conditions.
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Unlimited monthly pass (1...
To be used within a calendar month - come to as many classes as you want in a month.
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Unlimited monthly pass - ...
Unlimited monthly (calendar month) for family members of 2 or more.
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La Belle Vie Room Spray
Monster Spray ~ for children of all ages. Calm, Cleanse and Refresh the Air
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Blackberry Vinegar
Blackberry Vinegar ~ made with GAbriola Blackberries and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
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Gabriola Island Sheep and...
Gabriola Island Cozy Exotic Wool Socks, fibres from our Alpaca and local Sheep are collected and made into these fabulous socks. sizes 7/9 and 10/12 in white/green/red Sheep wool, Alpaca socks are natural brown.Machine wash and hang to dry, EnJOY.
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