Rustic Rocky Mountain Win...
Rustic Rocky Mountain Wine Rack made from reclaimed wood. FREE delivery in Nanaimo and area.
Kai's Kreations
The Mini
Everybody loves The Mini!: 1lb Gluten-Free Sausage, 1lb Lean Ground Beef, 1lb Stew. Simple. And yet, the possibilities are endless!
Empiric Gin (40% ABV, 750...
The "Empiric” is a truly west-coast style gin using a unique array or herbs and botanicals found here.
Arbutus Distille...
Blackberry Vinegar
Blackberry Vinegar ~ made with GAbriola Blackberries and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
La Belle Vie Stu...
3" Hand Poured Pillar Bee...
Handmade on Salt spring Island by Bees Wax Works, using 100% Canadian bees wax.
Blue Poppy
Pumpkin coming soon
Fall Patch Pumpkin Ale - ...
This seasonal, Belgian style saison is not for the faint of heart.
Longwood Brewery
Extra Ale - 4 Pack
Bring a little something extra to the table with Extra Ale.
Longwood Brewery
arbutus Coven-front-bottle
Coven Vodka - 750 mL (40%...
“Coven” is a vodka crafted using 100% BC barley malt. On the palate it is exceptionally clean, neutral and smooth while maintaining subtle malt characteristics with notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Enjoy neat, on the rocks , or mixed. 40%ABV.
Arbutus Distille...

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