Love Your Liver Tea
A bittersweet blend designed to improve weak digestion, constipation, and chronic skin ailments. These cleansing herbs are traditionally used to detoxify and strengthen the liver, gallbladder and digestive system in general.
Nettle & Co.
Baby Boo-Boo & Bum Balm
Use on boo boos, bum rashes, mom's sore nipples, other rashes, cuts, bumps and wounds. Made with organic herbs from the chemicals, no scent, all natural! Use liberally and often on babes & moms.
Nettle & Co.
Traditionally used for relief of stress, anxiety and insomnia. A restorative blend for strengthening and balancing the nervous system.
Nettle & Co.
Wild Child Vapour Balm
Are you looking for a natural alternative to petroleum-based vapour rubs? Then look no further! Wild Child Vapour Balm has a cocoa butter and beeswax base and works wonders for easing symptoms of coughs and congestion in kids and adults.
Nettle & Co.
Fresh. Simple. Nutritious. Nettles are high in iron, calcium & vitamin C and contain a natural antihistamine beneficial for allergies and hay fever. Strengthening for heart, bladder, kidneys, blood and skin.
Nettle & Co.
Rustic Rocky Mountain Win...
Rustic Rocky Mountain Wine Rack made from reclaimed wood. FREE delivery in Nanaimo and area.
Kai's Kreations
Amazing Arnica Anti-Infla...
Use on bruises, sprains, tendonitis & overworked, strained, sore muscles & joints. Made with organically grown and wild-harvested plants.
Nettle & Co.
The Mini
Everybody loves The Mini!: 1lb Gluten-Free Sausage, 1lb Lean Ground Beef, 1lb Stew. Simple. And yet, the possibilities are endless!
Empiric Gin (40% ABV, 750...
The "Empiric” is a truly west-coast style gin using a unique array or herbs and botanicals found here.
Arbutus Distille...
Blackberry Vinegar
Blackberry Vinegar ~ made with GAbriola Blackberries and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
La Belle Vie Stu...
3" Hand Poured Pillar Bee...
Handmade on Salt spring Island by Bees Wax Works, using 100% Canadian bees wax.
Blue Poppy
Pumpkin coming soon
Fall Patch Pumpkin Ale - ...
This seasonal, Belgian style saison is not for the faint of heart.
Longwood Brewery
Extra Ale - 4 Pack
Bring a little something extra to the table with Extra Ale.
Longwood Brewery
arbutus Coven-front-bottle
Coven Vodka - 750 mL (40%...
“Coven” is a vodka crafted using 100% BC barley malt. On the palate it is exceptionally clean, neutral and smooth while maintaining subtle malt characteristics with notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Enjoy neat, on the rocks , or mixed. 40%ABV.
Arbutus Distille...

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