Queen Cream
Rich and natural face, hand and body moisturizer. Chemical and preservative free. For dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.
Nettle & Co.
Baby Boo-Boo & Bum Balm
Use on boo boos, bum rashes, mom's sore nipples, other rashes, cuts, bumps and wounds. Made with organic herbs from the garden...no chemicals, no scent, all natural! Use liberally and often on babes & moms.
Nettle & Co.
Healing Salve
Use this all-around, all-healing, all-natural salve for eczema, psoriasis, weird and itchy skin rashes, bug bites, cracked fingers, cold sores, eye styes, diaper rash, surgery scars, road rash, new tattoos, hives, heat rash, pet skin rashes and more!
Nettle & Co.
Fresh. Simple. Nutritious. Nettles are high in iron, calcium & vitamin C and contain a natural antihistamine beneficial for allergies and hay fever. Strengthening for heart, bladder, kidneys, blood and skin.
Nettle & Co.
Amazing Arnica Anti-Infla...
Use on bruises, sprains, tendonitis & overworked, strained, sore muscles & joints. Made with organically grown and wild-harvested plants.
Nettle & Co.
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La Belle Vie Room Spray
Monster Spray ~ for children of all ages. Calm, Cleanse and Refresh the Air
La Belle Vie Stu...
Macaron-Making Class
Macaron-Making Class "Paid and Promorional Values Expire - April 4, 2016" SAMPLE LISTING NOT FORSALE

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